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Tips Ala Backpacker holidays

Adventure and Backpacker

If you have a hobby of sightseeing and want to have a trip that ‘rich experience’ with a cheaper cost of travel tour packages, a good idea to try to walk with backpacker style. A woman from Indonesia had gone around the European countries for a month with only 1,000 U.S. Dollars by way of backpacker  Backpacker, from the origin of the word, which means backpack shoulder bag, now has a new style leisure travelers around the world. If you travel using a package tour is always identified with ‘suitcase’, the ‘backpack’ is the identity for independent travelers who are traveling with a large backpack in tow. The basic principle is the backpacker-style travel savings were deemed unnecessary trips without compromising the essence of the streets themselves, even the backpackers will gain more experience to explore local life in the destination. The following are basic tips for traveling backpacker…

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Backpacker Term…

Adventure and Backpacker

Backpacker Term
From wikipedia:

World tourism players know many terms for a tour of the two types of tourism and in terms of the number of tourists. Backpaking term or backpacker as a subject is the general term given to tourists traveling by using the package back, carrying a bag on his back or backpack. Backpacker tourists generally have characteristics that distinguish this type with other travelers.

One is backpaker generally dominated by young people with high mobility are often moved from one place to another, from one region to another. Rasel settled habit is being a very practical choice. Besides Backpacker also always use a hotel or inn that is simple and they go out into public without using the services of a travel agency Travel Agent or Travel.

This is very different from the Holiday kind beach or Bade Urlaub (German language). They generally stay in a…

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7 Essentials to carry in a backpacker’s travel bag

Travelloto - A Wanderlust's Diary

Any traveler or tourist would fall in either of the two categories characterized by following traits –

– the well planned trip taker planning each and every hour of the journey to be taken and getting the travel bag stuffed well in advance of the travel hour

– the instinctive traveler (much like me) where you are mostly a journey taker in a suddenly planned trip and dont pack your bags till the last moment

Whichever kind you fall into, there is always a ruckus while planning what to take in your travel bag or precisely what stuff not to miss definitely. From my experience i decided to pen down a list of most essential ones. Here we go

1.) Bare minimum clothes – The concept of bare minimum clothes in your travel bag simply put is the least of the clothes (your Tees, Shirt or Pants etc) that you…

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Budget & Itinerary #HoChiMinh Trip 5D4N


Day 1
– Flight Air Asia CGK – HCM – CGK : Rp 925,000 (tiket promo dari Desember 2011)
– Airport tax at CGK : Rp 150,000
– Taxi from airport to Benh Tan Market: 180,000 vnd (Saigon Air / Vinasun Taxi / Meilinh Taxi, please jangan yang lain)
– Nhat Thao Hotel 3 nights : USD 48 (USD 16 / room / night, wifi, breakfast, AC, TV, Hot Water)

Day 2
– Mekong River Half Day tour : 210,000 vnd / person (visiting Unicorn Island, Coconut Island, Coconut candy workshop. Include: Bus, tour guide, boat trips, bicycle, fruits, lunch)
– Dinner at Pho Quynh : 55,000 vnd (Pho Bo Kho + ice milk tea. sumpah ini enak banget!)

Day 3
– Chu Ci Tunnels Half Day tour : 126,000 vnd / person (Include Bus and Tour Guide only, exclude admission fee)
– Admission Fee at Chi Ci Tunnels :…

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Jadi “Backpacker”? Yuk…!

Next stop, Bali.


On the 11th of september I said goodbye to the amazing country that is Australia, my home for the past year and eight months, and got on a flight to Bali.

I bought my visa on arrival ($25 US) and then waited fifteen minutes for the guy at the immigration desk to stamp my passport. I had read many complaints about corruption at this airport, and now I was experiencing it for myself.

Apparently a slightly smudged Australian stamp makes your passport “no good” in Bali, and requires lots of flicking through the pages with a thumb, which, if he did that for too long, would do even more damage to the passport to be honest. And this is done while repeating “you help me and I’ll help you.” So what did I do? Just stood, kept quiet, and just kept switching between looking at him and the other hundred-plus…

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Beached in Brighton: UK