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beautiful b&w

December 5, 2012

this clever camera

Day 4: Black and white

I found this photo tonight and I’m absolutely captivated by it. It’s my mother, long before she was my mother. bw

I’m sure she’ll be horrified that I posted this, but I think she looks enchanting. She was the quintessential California girl. Stick straight blonde hair, big sunglasses, teeny bikini.

I look at this young, young girl and I marvel. She has no idea how heartbreakingly wonderful and hard her life will be. How hard she will laugh and how often she will cry. She’s just a girl. But just a few years after this, she met my dad, and then a few years later, they had a family of four little kids. And then the girl grew up overnight into a mom and a wife and a business owner.

As beautiful as she is here, my mom is even more beautiful today, inside and…

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